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Turn Back the Clock with Ultherapy in Atlanta

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Dermatology Consultants is proud to offer this innovative, non-surgical facelift procedure.

Dermatology Consultants is introducing Ultherapy® in Atlanta, an FDA-approved, non-surgical face lift procedure. Using ultrasound technology, this system is the first to visualize, and then treat the skin’s deep support structures.

Ultratherapy® in Atlanta gradually strengthens your skin from within, creating the natural lift and toning you want, without the risks and down-time of more invasive procedures. How does it work? Ultrasound technology focuses energy beneath the skin to gently heat the tissue.

At Dermatology Consultants, a trained technician will perform Ultherapy® in Atlanta. He or she will make sure you are comfortable throughout the process. As you undergo treatment:

  • Ultherapy® in Atlanta lifts
  • Ultherapy® in Atlanta tones and tightens
  • Ultherapy® in Atlanta promotes the production of new collagen

This one-time procedure offers results that can last for a few years. In fact, Ultherapy® in Atlanta not only reduces the visible signs of aging, but thanks to the production of new collagen production, it allows your skin to maintain its youthfulness.

The results from Ultherapy® in Atlanta vary from patient to patient. You can expect a change in the laxity of your skin. In the neck, the platysmal bands will tighten, and wrinkles will be reduced. Ultherapy® also lifts the brow, reduces the excess skin on the eyelids, and gives you a more refreshed appearance.

After Ultherapy® in Atlanta, you should enjoy some initial effect immediately, but the ultimate lifting will take about two to three months. You should be able to return to normal activities immediately after treatment, with any redness disappearing within a matter of hours.

To learn more about Ultherapy® in Atlanta, contact the Dermatology Consultants location near you. We have offices in Buckhead Atlanta, Covington, and Marietta.