Four Ways to Treat Acne

June 5, 2019

A curious factor arises when you ask around about acne remedies. So often, the answers you get are about resolving a pimple, or making a pimple disappear overnight, or in time for the prom, or for that big presentation meeting. Pimples are what people who don’t suffer from acne talk about.

For far too many people over a surprising range of ages, acne is a serious disease. At its worst, it can disfigure. Even short of that, acne presents many young people with a new face every single day, and it’s not a face they are eager to wear. The impact of this experience can shape a person’s outlook socially, even their self-esteem, and the shaping effect of these feelings can carry forward for a lifetime.

So, at Dermatology Consultants, we would nominate compassion for the No. 1 way to treat acne. The person behind it may be suffering far more than you know.

For a Quick Fix

For most of us, thankfully, the problem of acne is not nearly so severe. For getting rid of that unwanted attention-getter that might always seem to arise at the worst time, GQ offers no fewer than eight ways to lose a pimple overnight. Or so they say.

One of the GQ suggestions that makes particular sense is that of applying a hydrocolloid dressing. It’s the kind of adhesive-bandage-based dressing that people use to speed the healing of a blister. What it does for a pimple is ease the strain of swelling on the skin and absorb the moisture in the pimple. The special dressing can calm down a pimple overnight and speed its departure to a couple of days.

Another spot treatment mentioned by GQ is tea tree oil. We find this one interesting because of its suggestion that the remedy may be more nature-based. They don’t promise a miracle, overnight fix with tea tree oil, but in combination with benzoyl peroxide, the oil sounds promising.

Years ago, a friend who worked as a photographers’ model swore by toothpaste as her overnight pimple fix. Why did everyday toothpaste become a models’ folk remedy? Because it contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). SLS acts as a drying agent, and we notice that sulfur has been a common ingredient in many acne remedies down through the ages.

When the Suffering is Real

If your experience with acne is more than occasional, and the impact is getting you down, Dermatology Consultants has an array of solutions. Many factors contribute to acne, including stress, diet, and infections. Some of the most difficult factors are not so easy to control, like natural hormone changes and a person’s genetics. Doesn’t it make sense to consult board-certified dermatologists who can offer solutions that are based on what makes your own situation unique?

Whether your acne concern is an inconvenient incident or a mind-bending condition, we can help. Let us be your guide to an overall approach for having the skin you want to wear. Just contact us to get started.


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