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Introducing a groundbreaking injectable for moderate to severe cellulite on the buttocks of adult women.

Cellulite causes a dimpled appearance, “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” skin texture and/or overall less smooth contour irregularity, primarily affecting the thighs and buttocks. Qwo is the first and only FDA-approved injectable for cellulite with visible results that may be achieved in 10 weeks.

Dermatology Consultants is one of the first in Atlanta and the entire state to perform this treatment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cellulite?

An alteration of the skins surface. Strained and thickened fibrous septal and enlarged fat cells causing  dimpled appearance of the affected skin, primarily affecting thighs and buttocks

Why do women get cellulite?

  • Inflamed dermis (chronic low grade inflammation that results in dermal atrophy
  • genetic disposition
  • hormonal (estrogen, insulin, prolactin
  • vascular (water retention/edema/restricted blood flow)

How many women suffer from cellulite?

90% of all post pubescent females suffer from Cellulite.

What is Qwo?

The FIRST AND ONLY FDA approved Injection ( Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum-aaes) for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite in buttocks of adult women. Developed by Endo Aesthetics, with over two decades of pharmaceutical and scientific excellence to push the boundaries of aesthetic artistry who has conducted the largest Cellulite clinical trial to date.  

How does Qwo work?

The exact mechanism for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite is unknown. It is believed that QWO works through a process called Enzymatic Subcision and Remodeling or ESR.

What is Enzymatic Subcision Remodeling (ESR)?

Step 1: The enzymes in QWO subcise the fibrous bands
Step 2: Fat lobules can redistribute without the confines of the septae
Step 3: New collagen is stimulated, and the dermis gets thicker.

Who can use Qwo?

Adult women with moderate to severe cellulite in the buttock. You should not receive QWO if you are allergic to any collagenase or the ingredients in QWO, or have an active infection in the treatment area.

How is Qwo Administered?

  • Up to 12 injections in a single buttocks
  • 3 treatments (21 days apart)
  •  “Lunchtime” procedure (quick and easy to administer!)

Is there downtime with Qwo?

No downtime with Qwo!

What is the most common side effect?

Injection site bruising may occur.

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