Viviscal for thinning hair

November 18, 2015

Beauty blogger: AgeistBeauty, Jonell Copeland, 44, @AgeistBeauty
“Some research suggests biotin supplements can help make fine hairthicker and healthier, and Copeland’s a believer. “I noticed that as I grew older, my hair was not growing as quickly and seemed to be thinning a bit.” After taking biotin-containing Viviscal Extra Strength hair vitamins  ($31, for two months, “My hair definitely grew longer more quickly,” she says. “Over time, it became thicker and looked healthier, overall.” Good to know: Hair docs warn it’ll take about 4 months before most women see results.”

Dermatology Consultants has been selling Viviscal Professional for a few years now. The physicians see great results with their patients – it just takes time. Patients gain a great benefit by purchasing Viviscal Professional at a physicians office because it contains 30% more active ingredients than what they can purchase online. To learn more visit

The Blog can be found here on 6 Essential Tips For Younger-Looking Hair


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