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January 4, 2024

With a new year upon us, you might be doing a fresh start in January, committing to exercise more or saving for a dream vacation. Looking in the mirror, you may notice the effects of time compounded with a hectic holiday season and  wonder how to give your skin a firmer, fresher look without going to extremes. Thankfully, the science of skincare and aesthetics is constantly improving with a whole new world of treatments based on our own skin’s potential to heal, improve and regenerate! Meet regenerative aesthetics at Dermatology Consultants.

What is Regenerative Aesthetics?

The body is a magnificent machine with the ability to repair and recover on its own.  Regenerative medicine uses the body’s own natural healing potential through stem cells or gene therapy to rejuvenate aging cells and restore them to a younger, more “awake” state. Common practice for decades in the medical field, regenerative medicine has brought relief to patients suffering from heart disease, injuries, and most recently, COVID19 patients with reduced lung capacity. Our bodies make stem cells which latch onto growth factors, signaling the body to go to work and repair surrounding tissue. Regenerative medicine uses these cells to induce healing and repair. 

How Regenerative Aesthetics Works

Now, the world of aesthetics has caught on, using nonsurgical treatments along with your own body’s properties to stimulate fresh, healthy skin. Soon after adolescence, the body starts to lose its luster in more pronounced ways each year. Because the skin is our body’s biggest organ, we see the effects of aging externally before we notice bone loss or other internal ailments like heart disease. Thanks to science and technology, we have tools that work on the cellular level to trigger youthfulness through the proven science of regenerative medicine. Dermatology Consultants is always on the forefront of the latest skin treatments and happy to offer a multitude of treatments in regenerative aesthetics. Because we believe health is beauty, our goal is to help patients maintain their best skin and shave years off their looks without surgery. 

Regenerative Aesthetics Treatments      

Gone are the days of overly tight skin and puffed up lips. Today’s trends in looking younger include slight boosts in volume and glowing, radiant skin. Regenerative aesthetics is a great way to restore youth in a modest and natural way. Here are just a few treatments that work with your own body to help you peel back the years.

  • PRP and Exosomes: Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP has been a top choice for anti-aging efforts and hair restoration. PRP injections work because your physician removes platelets from your own blood, separates and injects prepared plasma back into the desired area. Rich with growth factors that stimulate repair, the plasma can be injected into the skin or scalp, telling cells to “go to work” like mini body-builders. This restores the area with health and vitality. For the hairline, this generates healthy growth. In facials like PRP or vampire facials, the plasma is introduced into the skin via microneedling to trigger new collagen and elastin. The PRP goes to work rejuvenating your skin to bring on a tighter, smoother, more younger acting appearance. Exosomes are the building blocks of stem cells that trigger natural regeneration. They are “communicators” that signal the body’s cells or hair follicles to act. Results are so positive because your body recognizes the growth factors in the plasma and accepts them with enthusiasm! For even better results, combine exosome injection therapy with  microneedling for faster, more pronounced results. 
  • Ellacor: Cutting edge treatment introduced in early 2023 at Dermatology Consultants, Ellacor removes miniscule cores of skin in facial areas with laxity, looseness and wrinkling. The body recognizes the “injury” and works to repair it, bringing along smoother, tighter skin without scarring. Downtime for Ellacor is approximately one week and you’ll notice smoother skin immediately following, while optimal results are achieved after three sessions. Based on your age and skin concerns, your provider will counsel you on the best option. Dermatology Consultants is one of the few practices across the country with a vast knowledge base and experience performing Ellacor treatments.
  • Sylfirm X: If you’re bothered by dark spots, rosacea, elasticity or textural signs of aging, Sylfirm X is a revolutionary treatment using radio frequency (RF) with microneedling for a double whammy of skin regeneration. Sylfirm X helps with loss of firmness along with discoloration so many patients find this a worthy investment in their self-esteem and skincare goals. For those looking to boost their hairline, we love combining Sylfirm X and exosomes to activate dormant hair follicles. Exosomes act as mini-messengers, telling your skin to create new, healthy cells. Together with Sylfirm X, they increase circulation and stimulate protein production, resulting in thicker, more pronounced hair over time.  
  • Fillers: Dermal fillers are not new, but they are becoming increasingly better with more subtle, longer-lasting results and new formulations suited to specific facial areas. We use a variety of fillers at Dermatology Consultants that are uniquely targeted to plump up facial areas like the nasolabial folds, upper lip, cheeks and jawline. When injected, the active hyaluronic acid ingredient immediately fills in the area. Over time, the acid stimulates the body to produce more collagen to naturally boost the area that has become lax from aging. 
  • Evoke: Evoke is a treatment that brings (RF) energy to the cheeks, neck, and jawline deep into the subdermal layer. While maintaining a constant temperature, Evoke acts as a remodeler in the subdermal layers to increase definition in the face and neck. ultrasound energy to lift and refine the skin around the brow, submental or jaw area, and neck while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Biojuve: To keep the results of your regenerative aesthetics treatments, try Biojuve, a line of products at the forefront of skin science to boost the microbiome of your skin. Protecting your skin microbiome through symbiotic strains of bioessentials help reduce skin redness and promote healthy levels of sebum production. Biojuve has living microbe technology to help your skin maintain a positive microbiome for significant visible improvements. If you suffer from adult acne, rosacea, scarring and discoloration, the unique properties of this unique line will calm, repair, and help smooth your facial skin. Purchase Biojuve from Dermatology Consultants, one of only a few providers in Georgia. 

Are you convinced that regenerative aesthetics can help you look and feel younger than your years? Start the new year right by boosting your skin and hairline with regenerative aesthetics. With our practiced expertise and continual investments in technology, you can rely on Dermatology Consultants providers to give you information you need to make informed choices. Our team of providers is ready to help you regenerate your skin for a fresh new look. Click here to schedule an appointment. Happy new year!



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