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Introducing the Surgery-Free Cure for Skin Cancer. Avoid the cutting, pain and recovery from surgery with Superficial Radiation Therapy, commonly known as SRT.

SRT treatments are performed in office a Dermatology Consultants by a Radiation Therapy (RTT). With a 99% cure rate and patient satisfaction, SRT is the ideal treatment to treat non-melanoma skin cancer without surgery.

At Dermatology Consultants we provide our patients with a FDA-cleared treatment and a comprehensive approach to traditional skin cancer treatments. We are one of the few dermatology practice in Atlanta that offers SRT treatments, which is the most comprehensive treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers. With our cutting-edge technology and the creation of a comprehensive treatment plans customized to your needs, Dermatology Consultants provides optimal care for our patients.


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The benefits of using SRT over its radiation counterparts:

What should you expect during SRT?

Treatments with SRT happens over 3 Phases

1. Simulation phase: a “dress rehearsal” for treatment.

You will not receive treatment during this first visit, which lasts about 30 minutes. This is used


2. Treatment phase: watch the cancer go away
Treatment will be given 3-4 times each week at visits that each last 10-15 minutes. During those
visits, your RTT will take you through the same steps you practiced in your simulation visit. With
each visit, you will watch your cancer cells shrink.


3. Follow-up phase: Keep your skin healthy.

You will come back in months after your last treatment visit. Your RTT will do an ultrasound to show that your cancer responded well to treatment.


SRT can also treat keloids, a common skin issue in Fitzpatrick IV to V skin types. Traditionally, keloids returning after having treatments performed outweighed the benefits of having keloids removed. When SRT is performed on keloids, the risk of returning keloids decreased as the non-surgical treatment has been proven to be highly effective in clinical trials with a returning rate of 10%.

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