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The Anti-Aging Benefits of Aesthetic Facial Treatments

November 8, 2017

Fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loose and tired-looking skin: These are the pitfalls of getting older. These imperfections in our skin begin to form in our 20s for most of us and, if left untreated, continue to worsen throughout the remainder of our lives. If we take the proper precautions, however, signs of aging in our skin can be minimized and even reversed. Here are a few benefits of aesthetic facial treatments and how they can help rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin.


Exfoliation is essential for fostering and maintaining skin health. Dead skin cells, dirt, excess oils, and other debris litter our skin and threaten to clog pores, cause irritation, and lead to harmful conditions and diseases. By regularly and effectively exfoliating the skin and removing particulates, the health and vitality of the skin’s surface is greatly improved.

Popular exfoliation options include dermaplaning, micro-dermabrasion, microneedling, and the application of facial peels. These services are unique in their approach and can be used for a variety of specific skin types and needs. One common similarity of these treatments is their ability to offer mild to powerful skin exfoliation.

Collagen and Elastin Stimulation

Another important aspect of reducing the signs of aging in the skin it to promote the growth of collagen and elastin. These two proteins are responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and form. As we get older, collagen and elastin begin to deplete in our bodies. This results in the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and an overall laxity in the structure of the skin.

Services such as microneedling and certain chemical and enzyme peels penetrate the surface of the skin at specific depths to trigger natural processes within the body, including the formation of new collagen and elastin. This ensures that the skin retains a natural lift and tightness that can make patients look young, vibrant, and beautiful.

Introducing Essential Vitamins and Antioxidants to the Skin

The secret to skin beauty is skin health. When health is jeopardized, the skin becomes much more susceptible to disease, damage, and imperfections. One of the simplest and most effective methods for ensuring skin health is to introduce the skin to important vitamins and antioxidants. These ingredients can be delivered topically through skin care products and facial peels. When kept at a healthy level, ingredients such as vitamin C can rejuvenate troubled skin and restore a patient’s healthy complexion.

One such skin care product is Lumity Life, which is a breakthrough smart supplement that gives your skin a new level of vitality while counteracting all nine causes of aging. The morning soft gels spring your cells’ energy centers into action, contributes to collagen and elastin formation in your skin, clears out toxins, repairs oxidative damage, and protects your DNA. At bedtime, Lumity reinforces the antioxidant and anti-glycation action of the morning soft gels. Lumity also naturally stimulates the release of Human Growth Hormone, which is important to building muscle, healthy tissue, and bone density.


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