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Clear Up Acne-Prone Skin with Isolaz

June 27, 2016

There is a strong link between a person’s self-confidence and what they see when they look at themselves in the mirror. When an individual is battling with severe acne, they often express feelings of depression and despair. Many who are battling with acne will spend time and money visiting dermatologists and trying one product after another only to feel disappointed when the product does not produce the results they desire. What individuals who are dealing with severe acne want to do is to find a safe and effective way to have a clear face.

Isolaz® is a revolutionary laser-based treatment for acne. It has been shown to produce superb results, removing acne and leaving a person with a face that has clear skin and clean pores.

The Isolaz® laser procedure can be performed in our office. There is no need to use needles, nor is there a need for an anesthetic. Whether it is used as a primary treatment or it is used in conjunction with other acne treatments, Isolaz® provides acne relief like no other treatment currently available on the market.

How Does Isolaz® Work?

Isolaz® works by combining two treatments that are essential for removing acne. The first is the clearing of pores. The second is destroying bacteria that can cause acne. The first part of the treatment involves a vacuum-like suction that removes grime, debris and excess oil from your pores.

Acne that is active on your face is also extracted by this sucking technique. Any bacteria or infectious materials that are in your pores are immediately removed. As soon as the vacuum passes over a section of your skin, a bacteria-killing light is directed at your pores. This process is repeated multiple times over the affected area.

How Fast Does Isolaz® Work?

You will see the amazing results in the moments after your treatment is completed. Long-term results may require multiple treatment sessions. However, the sessions are fast and only cause minimal discomfort for patients who have moderate or mild acne.

Can Isolaz® Be Used on All Forms of Acne?

Cystic acne, or acne with high inflammation levels, may need to be treated first with prescription medications. During your initial consultation at Dermatology Consultants, our highly experienced laser specialist will examine your skin to determine if you are a good candidate for Isolaz® treatment. Once the treatment has been completed, you will be given indications on how to care for your skin with the goal of avoiding future breakouts.

Studies have shown that more than 85 percent of patients who have tried Isolaz® have seen their acne and other blemishes clear up. The effects of Isolaz® are seen in some patients for up to a year.

Clear Up Your Acne-Prone Skin

Isolaz® laser therapy is a powerful tool in treating acne. It can leave you with a clear face, smoother skin and an appearance that you will be happy to show to the world. With locations in Atlanta and Covington, Dermatology Consultants offers many options for the treatment of acne.

Isolaz® is a great compliment to a customized regimen that can be decided by one of our providers. During your consultation at one of our offices, our laser specialist will be happy to tell you more about the benefits of Isolaz® laser therapy. Our well-trained medical staff has decades of knowledge and experience when it comes to this unique type of therapy. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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