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Hair Loss Awareness Month

August 4, 2022

Hair Loss Awareness Month at Dermatology Consultants

Putting your best self forward is something we love helping all patients achieve. A big part of self-confidence is a full head of shiny, healthy hair. However, many patients experience various stages of hair loss due to stress, hormones, aging, and medical conditions. August is Hair Loss Awareness Month and we wanted to let you know your options in combatting hair loss. Social media is abuzz with ads and claims for hair growth serums and supplements making it hard to know what works and where to invest for a healthy head of hair. At Dermatology Consultants, our patients have several options for achieving healthy, beautiful hair that are backed by our esteemed providers. When your scalp and hair are healthy, you feel vibrant, youthful, and beautiful. Read on for how to restore your crowning glory.


Healthy Hair Starts Within

As we age, the state of our hair changes along with the body’s normal hormonal balances and can be affected resulting in lackluster locks. You may be experiencing temporary hair loss due to pregnancy, a major life change, or a medication. The first stage of addressing hair concerns should be a visit to your dermatologist. They will perform a comprehensive health intake with blood testing and scalp analysis to rule out any medical issues. You may discover something that you have, such as thyroid issues, low iron, or an autoimmune disease. These blood tests will reveal the next steps to take with your doctor.



While a healthy head of hair may be important to you, your body doesn’t agree.  To make sense of this, a little perspective helps– your hair, while nice to have, is not a necessary function of your body’s health. Just like your nails, the hair on your head is not deemed important for overall daily health. If you’re undernourished, your body will put what vitamins and minerals it does receive into necessary functions like blood flow to the heart and vital organs. The hair and nails, at the extremities of the body, receive any leftovers. Ensure your hair gets the nutrition it needs with an antioxidant-rich diet including good fats from salmon, nuts, and avocados, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Your dermatologist can help you find the right treatments to supplement a healthier diet to restore your body to a place of optimum nutrition.


Hair Restoration Treatments

Now that you’ve assessed any health concerns and are committed to fine-tuning your diet with good nutrition, it’s time to explore hair restoration treatments. Gone are the days of unsightly hair plugs or unnatural methods. Today’s treatments are advanced and offer great results for most patients.


Supplements for Healthy Hair

Nutritional boosters are a great way to round out a healthy diet to ensure you’re getting extra vitamins and minerals.  With so many ads popping up claiming to grow and support hair health, it’s important to read reviews to determine which supplements are best. Thankfully, we’ve done some of the work for you. Nutrafol has been tested and reviewed with positive claims for boosting hair growth, thickness, and vitality. Isdin’s Lambdapil line of supplements and topical treatments is also effective. Because healthy hair starts within, supplements are a good choice for improving scalp and hair health.


Light Therapy to Boost Hair Growth

LED therapy has made major advancements in all kinds of skin care including boosting hair growth. When you come into our office, your scalp will be assessed You can supplement your in-office treatments with home devices such as the Theradome helmet. This unique home device requires only 20 minutes a day, so you can do LED therapy in privacy while you work or relax at home.


Injections and Microneedling

Thin spots at the hairline, temples, or all over? Advanced treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and microneedling in the scalp prompt healthy reinvigoration of hair follicles. These mini treatments effectively “wake up” cells to produce healthier, thicker, and more dense hair. PRP injections work with your body to jump-start latent hair follicles, growing new hair with a thicker diameter. Your dermatologist will take the platelets from your own blood, so it’s a perfect match that your body can recognize! Using microneedles with growth factor technology, these proteins help develop new hair follicles, contributing to more hair coverage on the head. Both of these in-office procedures stimulate roots to produce proteins and follicular growth. Your dermatologist can determine which is the best option for you.


Scalp Facials Are a Thing!

If you love the refreshing, new-skin feel after a Hydrafacial, and are concerned about hair loss or scalp health, we’ve got the answer. Hydrafacial Keravive offers a similar exfoliating and skin awakening facial for the scalp with the infusion of follicle boosting serums. Your scalp will be gently cleansed as dead skin cells are removed and follicles are unclogged. This allows your scalp to thrive and become a healthy environment for hair to grow. The patented Keravive Peptide Complex Solution includes growth factors and skin proteins to encourage healthier, fuller-looking hair.



Make Hair Loss Awareness Month a time to invest in options to bring about a healthier scalp and hair. With so many modern advancements and take-home options, restoring your hair to a state of health is possible!Dermatology Consultants can help you on your hair restoration journey with confidence and options. Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our providers.


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