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How to Overcome Skin Damage and Acne Scarring

September 12, 2018

As our skin is burdened with the responsibility of safeguarding our bodies from injury and shielding us from environmental stressors, its appearance tends to reflect the way we maneuver through life.

Some of these reflections are the natural byproducts of age and manifest through fine lines, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores. Others, such as hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, are more likely the result of improper care or heredity. Some, like unwanted tattoos, are amassed voluntarily in moments of lesser judgment and spontaneity.

Regardless of how they occurred, these reflections continue to plague our skin with unsightly marks as we age. It is only through dermatologic and aesthetic intervention that we can hope to rewrite the surface of our skin to reflect a beautiful, healthy, and youthful appearance.

An Unending Array of Choices

In the world of skin care, there is a seemingly unending supply of products, procedures, and treatments all aimed at rejuvenating the health and beauty of the skin. With so many options to choose from, discerning the appropriate regimen for any one specific condition can be daunting.

Regimens to treat acne, for instance, can include a cocktail of prescription medications, topical agents, or invasive procedures. Melasma patients can be administered corticosteroids, microdermabrasion treatments, or chemical peels to remedy their symptoms.

Some of these options are indeed effective, but the combination of so many alternatives can prove to add further stress to the skin, reversing or nullifying positive results while causing patients undue frustration. In fact, the best treatments are often the most inclusive. They are the one-stop-shop procedures designed to halt signs of skin degradation and reverse symptoms of aging. And though the market is saturated with many effective treatment options, none may be quite as multipurpose, inclusive, or transformative as Spectra.

The Versatility of Spectra

Spectra is a laser treatment that has been created to target an array of chronic skin conditions and abnormalities, from acne scarring and sun damage to rosacea, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Spectra is also the only laser treatment on the market cleared by the FDA to treat melasma, and, in addition to its vast rejuvenating benefits, is also commonly used to remove tattoos. Because of the versatile nature of Spectra, patients can receive benefits over a range of varying conditions, resulting in clearer, firmer, healthier looking complexion.

Spectra uses concentrations of laser energy to target problem areas of the skin without causing harm to surrounding areas. Through adjustments available to dermatologists, the wavelengths and heat of Spectra can be manipulated to target distinct conditions. In cases of chronic conditions and skin resurfacing, a carbon-based lotion is applied prior to the procedure to further enhance the effects of the laser by attracting and absorbing the beneficial energy emitted by the device.

To learn more about Spectra and discover how this impressive procedure can best support your skin needs, contact Dermatology Consultants today.


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