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Intense Pulsed Light Therapy for Photo-Rejuvenation

June 13, 2018

With the first days of summer fast approaching, it is important we remind ourselves of the dangers of prolonged, unprotected sun exposure. As the days grow longer and the sun becomes increasingly more intense, it is crucial that we take all the necessary steps to avoid sun damage and eliminate the visible effects of any preexisting skin concerns, as these can easily worsen if left unaddressed.

Sun damage manifests in the skin in many ways. The most serious side effect to sun damage is, of course, skin cancer (which should be screened for on a yearly basis). However, sun damage causes a litany of other concerns which, while being less of a threat to our overall health than melanoma or carcinoma, can result in unsightly blotches of discoloration, fines lines, wrinkles, and complications to other skin issues.

While protection against these risks can be found through daily sunscreen protection, skin care education, and smart outerwear choices, undoing the negative effects of sun damage can be achieved through a transformative process known as Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL).

Understanding Photo-Rejuvenation

Photoaging is a term that refers to damage caused to the skin by sun exposure. Photo-rejuvenation is the process in which that damage can be reversed to reveal a smoother, clearer, more even, and younger-looking complexion.

While some of the more common effects of photoaging are widely known, there are several other complications that some people may not know are caused by sun damage. These include wrinkling, drooping skin because of loss of elasticity, mottled pigmentation, broken blood vessels, and age spots.

In addition to these concerns, other underlying issues such as acne and rosacea can be intensified by sun exposure, and IPL works well to remedy these complaints as well.

What to Know Prior to Your IPL Treatment

IPL is favored by many patients for its ease of application and fast results. This treatment can be performed very quickly and, depending on the specific concern being addressed, results are often noticeable in the first week or two following the therapy.

IPL is a safe, comfortable, and trusted procedure that requires very little downtime in comparison to other facial rejuvenation treatments. The sensation of its application is often compared to that of a rubber band being gently snapped against the surface of the skin. A topical cooling agent can be applied prior to treatment to help mitigate any irritation.

Following treatment, pigmentation may become darker for the first one to two weeks. After this period, damaged skin cells will naturally be absorbed by the body to reveal a smoother complexion and more even tone.

Nobody should have to deal with visible imperfections caused by prolonged sun exposure, and Intense Pulsed Light Therapy can do wonders in eliminating underlying damage while promoting healthier and more radiant skin you will be proud to show off. To find out if Intense Pulsed Light Therapy is right for you, just call us at any of our three locations or click here to make an appointment to get together.


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