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Not all Superheroes wear capes

May 4, 2023

Sleepless nights – wash the clothes – shop for and cook the meals – clean the house – juggle the activities – be the perfect Pinterest party planner – hold down a career – get those tiny humans in and out of the tub and tucked in tightly for the night (don’t forget to read a storybook) AND start it all over again. Exhausting just thinking about it right?

No, mothers would not trade these moments for the world.  These are only a few and the MANY reasons that we dedicate this day to those Superheroes that we call MOM.

One step that is many times overlooked while taking care of our families is not just taking time, but making time for yourself. Self-care is essential in maintaining your own personal health, well-being, as well as your personal identity.

When taking a poll of women, we have found that many times as women we feel that this is not necessary or even selfish.  We are here to share that self-care is all but self-ish.  We need our moms.  We need them healthy and we need them engaged (no pressure).

This Mother’s Day, let’s GIFT a little HER TIME that she would never ask for.

Here are a few of our patient’s favorite ways to get away without going away.

  1. Schedule a HydraFacial Deluxe with one of our highly skilled aestheticians.
    1. Deep cleanse – Exfoliate – Extractions – Hydrate – Infuse customized boosting serums to address her concerns –
    2. LED Light Therapy calming the skin and penetrating those yummy ingredients in to the skin.
    3. Soothing Cryoglobes over a Hydrojelly Mask with Egyptian Rose
    4. *** Also referred to as the ideal NAP for adults. Time to Relax – Unwind while also taking care of your skin.
  2. Botox injections
    1. YES, she LOVES Botox. Even in her busiest moments…she appears calm and rested while softening fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. AquaGold – “Better than any Instagram filter “
    1. She deserves to be treated like gold and so does her SKIN. With an Aqua Gold treatment that is now possible.
      1. Eliminate wrinkles
      2. Smooth fine lines
      3. Refines pores
      4. Targets pigmentation, tone and texture
      5. Boost hydration resulting in healthy GLOW to the skin
      6. No downtime
  4. Body Contouring options with NO-DOWNTIME
    1. There are so many incredible options at Dermatology Consultants to allow her to look and FEEL her very best on this and every day.
      1. CoolSculpting – Freeze unwanted fat in stubborn areas.
      2. Emsella – Non-invasive, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation addressing urinary leakage and tissue laxity post childbirth.
      3. EmSculpt – Strengthening the core and tightening of the abs and buttocks.
  5. NEW options for treating DIMPLES (those she loves on her children’s cheeks and not so much on the backs of HER thighs)
    1. Aveli – In-office procedure that smooths cellulite dimples of the buttocks and thighs with minimal downtime. We want her to love what she sees in the mirror – from every angle.

Not sure what she would choose? GIFT CARDS are always the perfect way to say how special she is to you, while gifting her the opportunity to select something she is sure to enjoy.

We can all agree that moms are more than superheroes, they are truly …


This Mother’s Day, let Dermatology Consultants assist in making this an extra special day for the moms in your life.




One person who does the work of twenty, for free.

See also: superwoman, saint.


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