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Regaining a Healthy Glow with Halo

December 11, 2019

By placing light energy at precisely the most effective levels of the skin, Halo offers a single mode of treatment that solves a wide range of the issues that arise as our skin reflects our years of life experience. Sun spots, fine lines, pigment, and skin texture, are returned to youthful radiance with Halo, the first hybrid fractional laser.

The breakthrough that enables Halo to accomplish so much so simply is its capacity to deliver two wavelengths of light at the same time. Yet another advantage is the precision with which the energy is introduced. Previous laser treatment methods tend to reach too shallow or too deep to accomplish what Halo can do. As a result, the visible story of years can disappear, including discoloration and uneven skin tone, sun damage, poor texture, enlarged pores, and fine lines. Even scar revision can be accomplished in many cases without surgery or downtime.

Redefining the Surface of Your Skin

Results are so gratifying that Halo has been called a way of redefining the surface of your skin. This ability stems from the fact that the visible signs of aging that appear on the surface – documenting our wealth of life experiences – start below the surface, and may originate there long before we eventually see them. As our bodies’ first line of defense, it is a wonder our skin doesn’t show more wear, sooner, when you consider all we put it through.

Sun, wind, and pollutants assail our skin from the outside. Inside, this first line of defense – our skin – is the last organ to receive nutrients and hydration. Is it any wonder, then, that patches of unwanted pigmentation appear? Halo application reaches this level to disperse and dissolve the unwanted concentrations of pigment. Our bodies’ production of collagen and elastin, the natural substances that make skin full and flexible, declines as we age, leaving testimony behind that can range from fine lines to deep wrinkles. Halo hastens the production of collagen and elastin, invigorating the skin’s appearance from the inside out.

How the Halo Glow Comes to Light

The multi-layer action of Halo yields what are called ablative and non-ablative responses from the skin. That is, it resurfaces the skin’s texture and at the same time reaches beneath the surface to disperse unwanted pigments and invigorate production of the skin’s own beneficial substances.

Even with significant benefits like these, Halo treatments usually take less than an hour, and downtime is minimal. With more than four years of experience in the process, Dermatology Consultants is the resource you should consider, to put this extraordinary ability on your side.

At Dermatology Consultants, you’ll meet professionals who stay up-to-the-minute on the most effective, proven options for helping you look the way you want to look. Just contact one of our three locations to see what Halo can do for you.



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