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Remove Fat and Build Muscle with Emsculpt

May 20, 2020

Ask any gym rat or exercise class devotee: The abs are the hardest thing to work, because most exercises don’t focus quite enough. Besides, they leave too much cheat-room. Those talk-back-to-you abs might be the commonest complaint, but they surely are not the only one.

For some, it’s the inner thighs, for others the glutes. Each person’s genetic makeup and exercise experience can leave a different problem area that calls for something more. Well, something more is here, and it’s been called “20,000 crunches in 30 minutes.” That’s Emsculpt, a process using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM) to offer a more direct route for fat loss than exercise alone could produce, while at the same time building muscle.

An Answer for Nearly Everyone

Emsculpt introduces a new form of high-intensity exercise that no one could achieve on their own, using HIFEM. This is fundamentally unlike any earlier electrical stimulation method of firing muscles, because it goes deeper and stimulates more thoroughly. High-intensity exercise was once held to be largely the domain of “the groaners,” the gym boys who grunt and drop their barbells and skip re-racking for the next person. No longer.

Emsculpt produces muscle development beyond that achievable through working the muscles on your own. The FDA-approved device behind Emsculpt produces “supra-maximal contractions.” That means the stimulus is significantly greater than that required just to activate the muscles. In fact, all the nerve and muscle fibers in the area are activated, and 20,000 muscle contractions per session are induced.

The electromagnetic energy breaks down fat cell walls so that fat can be cleansed away by the body’s lymphatic system. While muscle building and fat burning were once held to be nearly separate, like cardio and iso-exercise routines, Emsculpt puts both desired results into the same initiative.

A Natural Extension of Our Commitment

To support you in your goals, whether for fitness or appearance or both, we found Emsculpt to be a natural extension of our expertise in non-invasive ways to achieve body-sculpting, because our clients and patients are committed to their best selves, outside and in. The data we reviewed looked like this:

  • 16% Muscle Growth
  • 19% Fat Loss
  • 91% Satisfaction with Treatment Results

A typical course of Emsculpt treatments consists of four, 30-minute appointments. Right for you? Come in and let’s talk it over.

We’re here to be your trusted resource for feeling your best, looking your best, and experiencing the satisfaction of seeing your goals come to life at Dermatology Consultants. Just contact one of our three locations to get started


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