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Solve Your Skin Problems: BBL HERO™ + MOXI™

September 17, 2020

Skin issues can arise for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s from sun exposure, genetics, or other environmental factors, as your body’s largest organ, your skin deserves the proper amount of time, energy, and attention to address existing issues and prevent new ones from emerging. We understand the challenges our patients face, sifting through all of the options that claim to fix ailments like hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage, but come with looming uncertainty. Experimenting with procedures and products for the first time, you don’t know what will work, the pain level associated, or if you’ll end up achieving your desired results. Dermatology Consultants takes a different approach for our patients’ treatment plans.

With 80 years of bringing the best in health and beauty to Atlanta, Dermatology Consultants is home to some of the most cutting-edge dermatology and aesthetic technologies in the nation. In short, we know what works. With our legacy and expertise in the industry, we are trusted with unrivaled access to new dermatological and aesthetic treatments. We are thrilled to add two new, top-of-the-line devices to our roster of treatments and services.

Introducing Sciton’s BBL HERO™ and MOXI™ laser devices! Effective, versatile, powerful, consistent, and fast: this technology is producing unparalleled results for our patients that we cannot stop talking about.

BBL: The Most Powerful Laser on the Market

So, what is BBL anyway? BBL is BroadBand Light, the world’s most powerful Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device on the market. Using photothermal technology, BBL gently heats the upper layers of the skin, activating cell regeneration and shedding years of damage off of our patients’ skin— often after just one treatment. BBL is not exclusive to just the face. You can treat almost any part of the body.

While we previously carried the original BBL laser, the BBL HERO’s (High Energy Rapid Output) innovations have taken our capabilities to the next level. This technology delivers 4x the speed, 3x the power, and 2x the cooling technology. With the ability to treat large areas, such as the back, arms, and legs, in just 5-10 minutes, the BBL HERO™ provides more speed than any other laser on the market. This device addresses an incredibly wide range of problems, including acne, freckles, age spots, lesions, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, hair removal, and more. It has set the new standard in treating skin conditions related to aging, active lifestyles, and sun damage. Achieving significant skin improvements non-invasively is attainable with the BBL HERO™.

MOXI™: Designed with Everyone in Mind

For a more gentle approach, we’re are excited to introduce the MOXI treatment. Designed with everyone in mind, MOXI™ is safe for all skin types and an ideal procedure for patients just starting their skincare treatment journey. This device comfortably delivers non-ablative fractionated laser energy to revitalize skin, creating minimal pain and little to no downtime for patients after treatment. MOXI™ technology was developed for individuals looking to correct the initial signs of sun damage by fixing uneven pigmentation and improving skin tone and texture. Taking less than 30 minutes, MOXI™ is the optimal skin revitalizing procedure, no matter the season, your age, or skin type. It is suitable for all areas of the body – face, neck, chest and hands. The ideal candidate is one interested in preventing and reducing the signs of aging.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Sciton’s new devices are raising the bar for consistent, fast, and dramatic results for our patients. BBL HERO™ and MOXI™ technology can be used separately or in tangent with one another, maximizing effect over time. The results of our new, state of the art devices are especially enhanced when paired with other services such as micro-needling, radio frequency, ultrasounds, injectables, and at-home treatments. Our board-certified team of experts creates comprehensive and customized plans to best fit and treat your needs. With the addition of these novel modalities, our office provides a full spectrum of treatments including BBL, Halo, Microlaser Peel, Profractional and Skin Tyte.

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