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The Glow from Photofacials

January 15, 2020

There are times in your life when your face just glows. Pride and joy can do it. Anticipation of something really good can do it. Hey, just being young can do it for many fortunate folks. We’re here to share with you that your glow doesn’t have to be a sometime thing, much less a thing of the past. Our team at Dermatology Consultants has mastered the art and medicine of enlisting light energy itself to help bring back your glow, in the here and now.

The Benefits of Choice

Broad-band light therapy (BBL) and intense-pulse light therapy (IPL) both offer this advantage over laser-based treatments: they penetrate to a variety of skin depths and layers. Laser treatments go to a fixed depth that is deeper, sometimes resulting in more downtime and discomfort. The versatility of BBL or IPL light therapy makes them excellent options for stimulating collagen production, producing lasting effects.

Those effects are significant and noticeable, too. In fact, a long-term study conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine among people who received regular BBL treatments over the course of a decade found that they appeared 11 years younger than their actual age.

IPL photofacial treatments are sometimes described as more robust than BBL. They are often chosen by people who want to erase wrinkles, and IPL has been shown to be effective in addressing brown spots, broken capillaries, and spider veins.

What You Can Expect

Firmness, tone, and texture are among the results of photofacial treatment, although many people first look into them to get rid of blotches, discolorations, or uneven skin tone. Both IPL and BBL can be effective for treating any skin area, and they are usually applied to the face, neck, back of the hands, shoulders, and chest, because sun exposure contributes to the conditions people want to address with photofacials.

Pigment concentrations such as age spots, sun damage, freckles, brown or red patches, and melasma can be relieved with photofacial treatments. Acne, uneven skin texture, fine lines, and skin laxity are known to respond, too, as well as vascular lesions such as broken capillaries, rosacea, and other micro-capillary conditions that make the skin look flushed.

Dermatology Consultants offers you not only your choice of treatments, but also of locations and equipment, too. Our Covington office uses the Palomar StarLux500 system for IPL treatments. The procedure minimizes your skin’s exposure and is also more comfortable than traditional photo-rejuvenation.

Our Atlanta office uses the Palomar Icon Aesthetic System, the next generation of technology. The Palomar Icon includes the only FDA-cleared melanin reader, providing fast treatments with excellent outcomes and a comfortable patient experience. Our Atlanta and Marietta offices also offer the MaxG Optimized Light Handpiece for superior vessel and pigment clearance. It works to close larger, deeper facial vessels, giving you a comfortable, no-downtime treatment for a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

At Dermatology Consultants, you’ll meet professionals who have mastered the most effective, proven options for helping you look the way you want to look. Just contact us to get started.


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