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The Magic of Vivace’s Red/Blue Light Therapy

March 4, 2020

Actors learn to “find their light” onstage. The warmth of a powerful stage-light beam and the way it seems to put a halo around the things you are looking at, when you are in it, are sensations that experienced actors know to seek almost automatically. Even after scores of rehearsals and hundreds of performances of a particular show, you haven’t “hit your mark” until you feel that warmth and see that glow. Today, people are experiencing that sensation of hitting their mark in a more personal way, with dermal red/blue light therapy.

Vivace, known for its state-of-the-art microneedling treatment procedures that apply skin-enhancing compounds and stimulate the skin’s own production of collagen and elastin in a more thorough and articulate way than simple injections, now offers a process of red/blue light therapy. That’s good news for practically anyone seeking a more youthful, authentic appearance – a look that matches their outlook.

In particular, acne sufferers might be especially glad for the magic of Vivace’s red/blue light therapy. It works in two ways. Blue light destroys acne-causing bacteria with its shorter-wavelength light energy, and red light penetrates to deeper skin layers to help reduce inflammation. For many patients, combining or alternating red/blue light therapy with retinoids or other acne treatments may compose a treatment program that imparts unprecedented results and relief.

Faster Healing – Stronger Skin

Less inflammation pays off in several ways. The red-light component of Vivace’s red/blue light therapy offers patients a way to speed healing from wounds or surgery and to reduce the appearance of scars. It diminishes the stress of oxidation and stimulates production of new cells. Studies indicate that exposure to light helps produce new blood vessels, and the fibroblasts that create collagen and connective fibers to heal the skin.

A 2018 review of several studies reports that red light therapy increased wound contraction and the skin’s tensile strength significantly. Not only does this bring forth a finer healing result, but also reduces discomfort during the process. Red light therapy, conducted professionally, is non-invasive and safe, producing these results without chemicals, drug interactions, or harmful side effects.

The effects of blue light therapy have been used effectively to treat psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. There appear to be some interesting side benefits, too. According to various studies, alertness, responses, and reaction times increased with exposure to blue-enriched light. Sleepiness was reduced and glucose metabolism was increased in the subjects of one study.

Not Surprising Considering the Source

When you think of it, the powers of light to heal and stimulate are natural. As the vast, continual source of the earth’s energy, light in its visible spectrum has long been appreciated. The non-visible portions of the light spectrum – infra-red and ultra-violet light – are now being used more and more to boost the body’s own remarkable powers to heal and restore.

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