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The Things That Get Better with Time

December 18, 2019

The surface of our skin, and the contour of our bodies, call for attention, awareness, nourishment, and care. Most of us get by on our youth for decades, and yet the day does come when something in the mirror strikes us as not quite right, not the reflection of the person we’ve worked hard to become. At that moment, some people accept what they see as inevitable. Others find solutions.

The available solutions have developed dramatically, and you might say that the answers have grown better with time. A shining example of that is Exilis Ultra 360.

The first treatment mode that combines the proven benefits of ultrasound, plus the deep precision of radiofrequency energy, Exilis Ultra 360 provides a non-invasive treatment capable of producing noticeable, gratifying results. FDA-approved and backed by thousands of happy patients, a growing number of people are using radiofrequency and ultrasound to tighten the skin, simultaneously.

Effective at Every Level

The UL or ultrasound element of Exilis Ultra 360 sends high-frequency energy through the skin, to about 5mm deep, warming tissues to a level beneath the first layer of facial muscles. The reason to work that deep is because this is where your skin makes its own collagen. By stimulating collagen production, the youthful look of fullness is within reach. At certain temperatures, the effects of ultrasound include disrupting the cell walls of fat, so that the body can expel it naturally.

Yet, compared with earlier, UL-only treatments, Exilis Ultra 360 is capable of reaching deeper, with radiofrequency energy, and producing even better results in fat reduction. By addressing skin laxity, melting unwanted fat cells, and promoting collagen production in the skin, Exilis Ultra 360 offers many people a more rewarding result, because it combines proven benefits that did not come together before it.

Results Where You Want Them

Because of its dual-action, Exilis Ultra 360 is unusually versatile, too. Patients report satisfaction as varied as “eyes to ankles.” The benefits of this non-invasive treatment are apparent around the eyes, jaw line, mouth, and chin. From the décolleté to the abdomen, the thighs and buttocks to the knees and elbows, the ability of Exilis to help smooth the surface and sculpt the contours is unsurpassed among non-invasive treatments.

By stimulating the body’s own collagen production, Exilis Ultra 360 gives a boost to natural processes that may have slowed down. As a non-invasive, virtually pain-free process with no downtime, it is becoming the treatment of choice for many who seek a non-surgical answer that is right for them.

At Dermatology Consultants, you’ll meet professionals who are familiar and expert with up-to-the-minute options for helping you become happy with your shape, as well as your skin. Just contact one of our three locations to see what Exilis Ultra 360 can do for you.


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