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Women in Science

March 1, 2023

Last month, ISDIN, European Skincare experts for over 40 years, celebrated International Day of Women in Science. And one of the women they recognized was our own Doctor Anna Paré


Something to celebrate

We’re celebrating those who explore, experiment, dream, and dare to overcome anything in their way.

Happy International Day of Women & Girls in Science!

Meet some of the inspiring women who make healthier, more beautiful skin possible every day:


ISDIN “Helping people achieve the best version of their skin and feel confident is what motivates me. I love that I can be a part of that by creating highly-effective products.”

-Marta Furmanczyk, ISDIN Clinical Trials Specialist

ISDIN “As a third generation female physician, I have been inspired by women in science all my life. But I wanted to be an artist, and now in a way, I am. The science of beautiful, youthful skin is an art.

-Dr. Anna Paré, President of Dermatology Consultants

ISDIN “What is so rewarding, is seeing results for all age groups. It’s never too late to nourish our skin; we all deserve to have flawless, ageless skin.”

-Caroline James-Manta, OC Dermatology Medical Aesthetician

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