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The Secret to Preventing Acne Breakouts

December 27, 2017

Although acne tends to be an issue relating primarily to teenagers and young adults, many people struggle with acne well into adulthood. The causes are varied. In fact, they are seemingly endless, which is why treating acne can be such a frustrating and time-consuming effort.

Certain treatments that work for one patient might completely fail another. Acids and creams and ointments that show dramatic results on your friend’s complexion can leave yours overly dry, irritated, and even more susceptible to future breakouts. How, then, do we determine the best course of action with our acne regimens? How do we guarantee clear, trouble-free skin when the causes are so complicated?

Often in skin care, what you see on the surface doesn’t always reflect what’s happening underneath. This can make addressing chronic skin conditions, such as acne, so difficult. However, there is a solution to this dilemma, and it comes in the form of multi-spectrum complexion analysis.

Introducing Visia

Visia skin analysis uses state-of-the-art imaging technology to get a look beneath the skin and determine the underlying causes of skin imperfections and disease. This allows dermatologists and aestheticians to see beyond the outward complexion of their patients and develop treatment options that are designed to improve skin health and transform the look and beauty of the skin from the inside.

Once a baseline has been established for your skin, aestheticians will work directly with you to discuss appropriate treatment options. These options will vary depending on individual needs and may be as simple as line of topical products, or as involved as entire regimen of services and products.

Treatment Options

Here are a few acne treatments that may be integrated into your regimen, depending on your needs.

  • Isolaz Skin Rejuvenation Therapy: The Isolaz treatment option is ideal for patients dealing with stubborn acne and congested pores, as it combines suction and laser technology to remove debris and clear breakouts. First, acne buildup and bacteria are extracted from pores using a vacuuming wand. Then, a blue light emitted from the device destroys any residual acne-causing bacteria to prevent future breakouts.
  • Fractional Laser Resurfacing: Fractional laser technology works by emitting isolated lasers, making it perfect for targeting individual spots on the face rather than broad areas. These lasers rejuvenate the skin and promote natural healing processes, thereby reducing active acne breakouts. In addition, acne scarring is reduced significantly, and the skin is left looking and feeling refreshed.
  • Chemical Peels and Topical Skin Care Products: The advantage of topical skin offerings is that they infuse the skin with nutrients and powerful antioxidants. With chemical peels, the outermost layer of the skin is also exfoliated, which encourages the growth of new skin cells. As acne is often caused by dead or damaged skin and debris, this makes chemical peel exfoliation highly successful for treating acne.

If you suffer from consistent and regular breakouts of acne, then consider the one-two punch of Visia followed by a treatment plan designed specifically for you.


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