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SRT: The Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

November 21, 2022

Why choose Dermatology Consultants as your dermatology practice? At Dermatology Consultants we provide our patients with a FDA-cleared treatment and a comprehensive approach to traditional skin cancer treatments. Dermatology Consultants is one of the few dermatology practices in Atlanta that offers SRT treatments, which is the most comprehensive treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers. With our cutting-edge technology and the creation of a comprehensive treatment plans customized to your needs, Dermatology Consultants provides optimal care for our patients.








Are you looking for a skin cancer treatment that’s highly effective with short office visits? Superficial Radiation Therapy known as SRT treats localized areas in non-melanoma skin cancers that differs from radiation treatments in hospitals for internal cancers. SRT permeates the epidermis to dismantle cancerous cells in non-melanoma skin cancers without damaging the healthy skin tissue surrounding the treatment area. Non-melanoma skin cancers are the most frequent cancers diagnosed in the United States and these lesions can be treated at your local dermatologist’s office.












The benefits of using SRT over its radiation counterparts are:

  • 3 Quick treatment sessions that last anywhere from 30-60 seconds
  • Treatment success rate of 95%
  • No numbing sutures or reconstructive surgery or scarring
  • Cured in 4-6 weeks with quick multiple office visits per week


SRT can also treat keloids, a common skin issue in Fitzpatrick IV to V skin types. Traditionally, keloids returning after having treatments performed outweighed the benefits of having keloids removed. When SRT is performed on keloids, the risk of returning keloids decreased as the non-surgical treatment has been proven to be highly effective in clinical trials with a returning rate of 10%.









Along with SRT, Dermatology Consultants aims to provide the latest and most innovative treatments ranging from Mohs surgery, Aldara, ED&C and CellFX, as well as our partnership with surgical oncologists at Piedmont Hospital for more advanced cases. We are among the few Atlanta dermatology offices with the widest array of invasive and non-invasive procedures. Services such as Mohs cuts away thin layers of skin until the skin cancer and the tissue around is removed verses a treatment like CellFX which uses nano-pulse energy to remove benign spots, bumps or growths.


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